Why Bearded London?

Bearded London offers you a 3 in 1 kit which is everything you will need to maintain your beard on a day to day basis. Whether you have stubble, short or a long beard we got you.

How long will the beard oil last in my beard?

The whole day. We recommend you use it quite often for better results.

Will your beard oil help my beard grow?

Our products contain essential oils that increase blood flow to the area it is applied to, which helps facilitate hair growth. Constant use will help strengthen and thicken hair.

How often should I wash my beard?

We advise you wash 1-2 times a week which is absolutely fine. You don't want to wash it too frequently as this will result to your beard becoming dry.

Can I use your oil when beard is dry?

We recommend you don't. For better results apply oil when your beard is damp or slightly wet.

Is your oil made in the UK?

Yes, all orders are made and fulfilled in the UK.

I have sensitive skin, can I use your oil?

All ingredients used are all natural oils and vegan friendly.